Who We Are

We are a small team of people each of whom has multiple interests and passions in life. Binding us is our desire to see an equitable and just society.

Tamarind Tree initiatives are in the realm of alternative models of technology and education, farming,  community media and cultural exchange. We are located in a small tribal village in Dahanu on the western Indian coast very close to the Arabian Sea and the forests of the Sahyadari mountain range. Our campus is on a beautiful  chikoo farm by a river. We are now in the process of creating a small forest within our new school campus.

The people supporting this venture are an eclectic mix. At the core is our belief in the potential of the individual to constantly learn, grow & critically reflect on a society that needs to be fundamentally changed. Each of us aims to do this in our own ways and under the larger initiative of Tamarind Tree.

We have a multifaceted team of people -- a farmer who loves technology and cooking, an architect who loves trees and plants, teachers who love kids (not always easy to find!), a masseuse believing in the power of alternative education, a social justice activist turned educator, an interior designer, a pre-primary teacher tired of her conventional school , an MBA graduate and an art curator.

Besides a group of people who work full time mostly at the Tamarind Tree school or with our other projects, we have interns, volunteers and our supporters helping us realise our dreams for a better world.


Our Work

Whither Environmentalism?

A complex environmental campaign has been run over the last two decades in Dahanu.

Democratising Technologies

We are working towards building a school without walls.

Open Source Philosophy

Open Source is a way of thinking - a way of life.

First Generation Learners

Learning as creation of a world view for first generation learners