Donate to Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree accepts donations from individuals for a diverse set of activities that contribute towards building social equity. It is due to the support of people like you that we are able to carry on our various programmes. All donations to Tamarind Tree are exempt from Income Tax. You will receive an 80 G certificate along with your receipt. In case you would like to send a cheque, please see details at the end of the page

A.  A Days Meal

At the school, we believe that the optimal development of children - their  physical, social, cognitive, emotional and educational growth is vital for society. Critical to enhancing the ability to learn is the physical development of the child.  At Tamarind Tree we work work relentlessly to provide the right nutrition to children. Our state of the art kitchen is equipped to serve clean, hygienic nutritious meal to 150 children everyday. Breakfast served to children from the pre-primary  grade is designed to ensure high protein and fiber intake. A typical day's menu would comprise a pulse, chapati,/poori/bread or idli and accompaniments. Seasonal fruits are served with every breakfast. Similarly our lunch, served to primary students include chapati/ bread/ poori, brown rice, a whole pulse, vegetable, salad and accompaniment like chutney or fresh pickle. A seasonal fresh fruit is also served with the meal.

Cost Rs.4500 per day


B. Educate a Child

Tamarind Tree is an alternative school located in Sogve village, Dahanu Taluka, Maharashtra. Catering to the local tribal children of Dahanu, Tamarind Tree offers an English education to first generation tribal learners of the region.  The school has a Pre Primary and Primary section (Nursery to Class 5) and is increasing a class every year to provide education to till Class 10.  The total strength is now at 150 students, 90 percent of whom are tribals.  The school is  recongnised by the Maharashtra Education Department and has received permission to run from Nursery to Class 8. The cost of education for a child per year includes the tuition fees, a nutritious meal every day, sports classes in karate and gymnastics, and learning on a digital device.  In addition, we provide, at a set of uniforms for daily wear, a separate one for athletics and other sports activities and school supplies. There are several children who are unable to cover these expenses. We grant them scholarship based on a needs assessment. A sponsorship of this nature would cover the expenses of those students who are under scholarship. The scholarship favours the tribal girl student.

Annual cost of educating a child is Rs 16,500. Sponsorships to cover the academic year 2017-18


C. Sponsor a Laptop

Tamarind Tree is located in a media dark region on the far end of the digital divide. We believe that the only way to build equity is to provide access to information and knowledge. Moreover, the days of textbooks and blackboard learning are long gone and the education system needs to be radically altered to suit the modern requirements. Towards this, we do all our learning and teaching using the digital medium.

We have pioneered an online Learning Management System (LMS) at the Primary level for its learners. Students (ages 7 upwards), log on to a virtual learning environment at My Big Campus to access their courses on Social Sciences, Science, Math, English, Farming, History along with a facilitator. All course content is generated by our in house team and aims to be contextual and relevant.  Digital curriculum is designed using a common sense approach and no text books or rote learning is used. The NCERT syllabus is used as a guideline while developing digital courses. The courses are interactive, using mediums of quizzes, blogs, and submission of online assignments to grade students and graduate them to the next year.  In addition the school has an e-library with 2000 books that a student can read anywhere on the campus using a digital device. In addition, students from Class 1 begin learning Computer Coding and enjoy programmes like Scratch.

In order to fulfil this dream, we need that every student on campus has a laptop to work on individually. We have invested in 30 laptops and students are also being encouraged to buy their own. However, we need to increase this number as soon as possible for all to benefit.

The donation will go towards procuring one laptop that will be owned by the school and used by children.

Cost of 1 laptop is Rs. 25,000


D.  Support a Story Reading programme on Tamarind Tree's Community Radio

Tamarind Tree has received its license from the Government of India to run a Community Radio Station. Called Radio Taarpa, broadcast at 90.4 FM,  this station caters to the community of parents and adults living around the campus of the school. In order to provide support to students once they go home, the radio station will broadcast severall educational programmes that the students and the community can hear in the evenings.

Listening to stories is something that we all enjoy. Teachers/Volunteers of Tamarind Tree will be broadcasting stories every day on Radio Taarpa for the students to hear at home. This could be a story that the students have already read or discussed at school on the day and the teacher is reading it once more, or could be another enjoyable tale from somewhere around the world. The stories will be in various languages and the radio programmes will enhance learning.

This donation will cover the cost of producing the pro gramme including an honorarium to the volunteer.

 Cost of 1 story telling programme: Rs. 1000


E. Small Contributions

A small contribution can go a long way in covering many of the above expenses. 

Contribute Rs 500 towards the education of a deserving student or to pay towards a laptop.


Donations can be made by cheque in the name of “TAMARIND TREE TRUST”. The cheque can be couriered to Tamarind Tree, 6 Tara Castle, Masoli, Dahanu – 401602, Maharashtra. 

NEFT/RTGS can be done at:  Name of Account: TAMARIND TREE TRUST, Bank:  Bank of Baroda
Account No. 4300200000564, Type: Current Account,  Branch: Dahanu Road, RTGS/NEFT: BARB0MASOLI