Sponsor a Laptop

Tamarind Tree is located in a media dark region on the far end of the digital divide. We believe that the only way to build equity is to provide access to information and knowledge. Moreover, the days of textbooks and blackboard learning are long gone and the education system needs to be radically altered to suit the modern requirements. Towards this, we do all our learning and teaching using the digital medium.

We have pioneered an online Learning Management System (LMS) at the Primary level for its learners. Students (ages 7 upwards), log on to a virtual learning environment at My Big Campus to access their courses on Social Sciences, Science, Math, English, Farming, History along with a facilitator. All course content is generated by our in house team and aims to be contextual and relevant.  Digital curriculum is designed using a common sense approach and no text books or rote learning is used. The NCERT syllabus is used as a guideline while developing digital courses. The courses are interactive, using mediums of quizzes, blogs, and submission of online assignments to grade students and graduate them to the next year.  In addition the school has an e-library with 2000 books that a student can read anywhere on the campus using a digital device. In addition, students from Class 1 begin learning Computer Coding and enjoy programmes like Scratch.

In order to fulfil this dream, we need that every student on campus has a laptop to work on individually. We have invested in 30 laptops and students are also being encouraged to buy their own. However, we need to increase this number as soon as possible for all to benefit.

The donation will go towards procuring one laptop that will be owned by the school and used by children.

Cost of 1 laptop is Rs. 25,000