Open Source Philosophy

Open Source is a way of thinking - a way of life.

The Tamarind Tree school by way of philosophy and practice is on Open Source technologies. We are part of a global movement that is promoting the use of Open Educational Resources (OERs)  believing that this is the only way equity can be built

At the school -- all our machines are on a Linux operating system (this is could be UbuntuMy Big CampusDebian) and we use tools that are in the open domain. Teachers are trained to use this software and myths that Linux does not work with proprietary softwares like Windows is broken on a daily basis.

For very young students ages 3 years to 7 years , we use the wonderful G Compris -- that has over a 100 activities in courses as diverse as geography, science, math, computer animation, reading and so on. An android version of this is also available and parents with smart phones are encouraged to install this on their phones, so students can practise at home.

In addition, the school use Tux Math, an arcade based video game that makes sure students learn to calculate and do it fast  and Tux Paint , an award winning program used as a computer drawing literacy tool.

As the student grows, she is given access to a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) hosted at My Big Campus where all the courses based on the NCERT syllabus are digitised and made interactive.

Our Work

Whither Environmentalism?

A complex environmental campaign has been run over the last two decades in Dahanu.

Democratising Technologies

We are working towards building a school without walls.

Open Source Philosophy

Open Source is a way of thinking - a way of life.

First Generation Learners

Learning as creation of a world view for first generation learners