Have a passion for an alternative life.. want to test many of your romantic notions of life in a village and education for rural poor? Have a passion for history or science and believe in social justice? At Tamarind Tree we are looking for people with these ideas who can become "facilitators" in a classroom, inspiring and leading students to think, and critically question society.

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Tamarind Tree in collaboration with Nomad will use the 2. 4/5.8 Ghz  de-licensed spectrum to seed a  wireless network in an ad hoc mode to create a wi-fi mesh targeted at extending the school's digital educational resources to the homes of the first generation tribal learners in the rural area of Dahanu Taluka, Maharashtra.

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Towards Equity

How do we change values? How does transformation happen? Is social change possible? Where does it start? These are some of the many questions and discussions we have here at Tamarind Tree where we have created a space - for critical thinking - of ourselves, of our relationships with each other, the community around and the society at large. How do we as individuals internalise values that we stand for? Can we bring equity within this small community? Do we really believe in equity? What will happen if there is equity - of age, of gender, of class?

Join us in this journey.