Teach at Tamarind tree

Have a passion for an alternative life.. want to test many of your romantic notions of life in a village and education for rural poor? Have a passion for history or science and believe in social justice? At Tamarind Tree we are looking for people with these ideas who can become "facilitators" in a classroom, inspiring and leading students to think, and critically question society.

Tamarind Tree is an alternative school located in Sogve village, Dahanu Taluka, Maharashtra.  Catering to the local tribal children of Dahanu, Tamarind Tree offers an English education to first generation tribal learners of the region. An experiment in education, the school believes in creating a learner driven environment using the pedagogy of activity based learning. This coupled with the extensive use of technology makes us different. 

At Tamarind Tree, children log on to a virtual learning environment at My Big Campus  to access their courses on science, math and english along with a facilitator. All course content is generated by the team and aims to be contextual and relevant.  Curriculum is designed using a common sense approach and no text books or rote learning is used.

We believe the school is a way to build social justice and equity.   People interested should be:

  • Passionate and committed about education for the poor.
  • Believe in the power of technology, have an open mind regarding technology and are not afraid to learn new things.
  • Believe in the spirit of Do-It-Yourself and can work independently to teach and create new content, and activities for learning.
  • Willing to adjust, adapt and contribute to the changing ideas of education, community engagement and social justice.
  • Have an understanding of the social and political realities of tribal people in India.

Job Profile & Responsibilities:

  • The School has classes from Pre Primary to Class 7 and is adding a class every year.
  • The persons will be required to facilitate courses in English, Math, Science, Farming, Social Science, etc, depending on their level of interest and knowledge in the subject, on our Learning Management System (LMS) hosted at  My Big Campus. Each Tamarind Tree student works on an individual laptop and the teacher is a facilitator.
  • The person will also be expected to learn the Learning Management System and add to the content of the course with their own ideas and creativity.
  • The person can also become a digital Course Creator and develop and take charge of new courses on My Big Campus.
  • We teach our students coding and animation and the person will be expected to contribute by learning new tools of the digital world. People with a background and interest in computer coding, open source technologies are encouraged to consider being part of the team.
  • Person will be doing community visits to childrens home to integrate with the community and understand children better.

Tamarind Tree operates in a open and spontaneous manner and is open to experimenting with new ideas and techniques.

Qualification: While qualification is not important, we are looking for people who are passionate and knowledgeable about something – be it science, math, history, politics, music or dance. Previous experience in teaching is not compulsory.

Comfort and an excitement to use digital technology is essential. Skills of using audio, video, animation & digital imageries will be extremely useful. Opennes to learning new skills is compulsory. Openness to living and teaching in a rural atmosphere is also compulsory.

Location: The person will be required to move to Dahanu. Dahanu is extremely well connected to Mumbai by the western railway. It takes 2 and a half hours reach Dahanu from Mumbai. Accommodation can be provided on a temporary basis. Accommodation options to be discussed during the first meeting.

Remuneration based on skills and experience.

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Towards Equity

How do we change values? How does transformation happen? Is social change possible? Where does it start? These are some of the many questions and discussions we have here at Tamarind Tree where we have created a space - for critical thinking - of ourselves, of our relationships with each other, the community around and the society at large. How do we as individuals internalise values that we stand for? Can we bring equity within this small community? Do we really believe in equity? What will happen if there is equity - of age, of gender, of class?

Join us in this journey.