Join our Studio - Digital Content Creators

Tamarind Tree uses a Learning Management System (LMS) at My Big Campus to facilitate an individualised learning model for its students. This means every student on campus has a login and is facilitated through her courses on Math, English, Science with a Facilitator. The student engages with interactive digital content (videos, quizzes, blogs, etc) and learns in real time. Tamarind Tree is currently undertaking the huge task of digitising the NCERT content from Grades 1-8 which will be hosted on its LMS. This means we are producing new and contextual learning videos, audios and other interactive material. 

We believe that the problem with digital learning videos available on the internet are that they are not contextual and more often than not they are proprietary. This has not really worked for our students - so we are in the process of building our own digital repository of Elementary level learning material in open source. All our course content will be released in the public domain when ready. We also desire to  be producers of knowledge and not consumers of it.  

The person joining our studio should have a good sense of: 

1. Video editing and be flexible with using both online and open source non linear video editors. 

2. Willingness to learn and use Open Source software (basic training will be given). 

3. Ability to adapt and  use at least some of the different tools of video making for children (2D Animation, Whiteboard, and 3D Animation) 

4. Good visualisation skills. 

The project envisages making at least 20-25 short videos per course and has courses in English, Math, Science, Social Science, Environmental Science, Computer Coding, etc. The speed of production and completion of Learning Videos is critical to the project. 

Remuneration commensurate with skill level. 

Shifting to our location in Dahanu is not critical and the person can operate virtually , but is preferred if possible. 

Send your CV's with some samples of work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We will get back immediately. 







Towards Equity

How do we change values? How does transformation happen? Is social change possible? Where does it start? These are some of the many questions and discussions we have here at Tamarind Tree where we have created a space - for critical thinking - of ourselves, of our relationships with each other, the community around and the society at large. How do we as individuals internalise values that we stand for? Can we bring equity within this small community? Do we really believe in equity? What will happen if there is equity - of age, of gender, of class?

Join us in this journey.