A wonderful addition to the team, Neha left Mumbai city to explore issues of education for the poor. With a background in English Literature , Neha is a part of the core teaching team, working with students on English, Math, Social Sciences. With an open mind and lots of enthusiasm to learn, Neha has grasped the fundamentals of computer science and coding in a short time and facilitates courses on Coding with students.


With a pleasant personality, Sachin is a multi-tasker juggling several roles of administrator and accountant, operations manager as well as liasoning with parents and children. Blessed with a talent for drawing,Sachin also helps teachers creating material and is always available to assist in a class.


Friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic at all times, Shilpa enjoys teaching and being with children. Her openness to new ideas and practices is what makes her a relevant teacher. Though her training is in interior design, Shilpa has "found her calling" with teaching having picked up the basic skills extremely fast.  Thanks to Shilpa's talents in music and dance - kids are seen humming the alankars and dancing to beats.

- Shilpa

An architect by profession, but a naturalist at heart, Sam's passion are kids, food and farming. Sam spends his day at Tamarind Tree working with older kids on English and Math.. but his classes on biodiversity, farming and science magic are loved by all. Currently, he is leading a group of students to become birders.

- Sam

An MBA by training, Naima is a teacher by accident. A quiet and dedicated worker, Naima handles the younger naughtier kids well, working with them on core skills of English and Math. Additionally, Naima teaches Marathi across classes.

- Naima

Dinaz has taken to digital course creation like a duck to water. Spending time understanding educational technology as well as the NCERT curriculum, Dinaz is the core course creator for My Big Campus.

- Dinaz

Michelle, planted the seed of Tamarind Tree and has been nurturing the tree since its inception. Coming from a social justice background, she is also a farmer, mother, "principal" and "teacher" at Tamarind Tree managing the space, the curriculum and the community of parents, students and teachers.

 - Michelle

While Michelle planted the seed, Hemant laid the foundation to make Tamarind Tree an alternative political space for open source knowledge and learning. Hemant's  Do It Youself (DIY) philosophy filters across all our activities and along with the team, he has set up the entire e-learning infrastructure. Besides his work on technology, he loves cooking and oversees the kitchen at Tamarind Tree. Currently, he is busy launching our Community Radio station, Radio Tarpa.

- Hemant

Lively and jovial, Sakina's straight talk and infectious enthusiasm rubs off on all in the campus. Coming from a conventional teaching background, Sakina brings structure and discipline to her classes, while retaining an informal family like atmosphere of learning. Sakina manages core courses of English, Math and Science in the Primary classes while also assisting with the Pre Primary as and when required.

- Sakina

Suresh Sir is a licensed Shotokan Karate practitioner, part of the Japan Karate Association and has been working with the students of Tamarind Tree for the last 4 years. His dedication and commitment to the martial art form along with his own body fitness and ability has done wonders with our students. The seriousness and manner in which the students have come to understand and display the art form is a result of his perseverance and consistent work with them.

- Suresh Sir