Our e-Library

Knowledge should be accessible and available to all. Students can choose from a selection of more that 2000 e-books ( in public domain) hosted on our library server available to them on a digital device anywhere on the campus.

While we do believe in the value and importance of the physical book -- it is unfortunately available only to a privileged few. The only place a child of any background can buy a storybook is at a stationery shop near the railway station at Dahanu. Meanwhile some sections of society are toying with which e-reader to invest in.

At Tamarind Tree, we have an e-library server that hosts over 2000 books, periodicals and dailies. This is being updated on a regular basis. Any one with a digital device like a phone, laptop or a desktop can read a book on this device as and when she likes anywhere on campus. The e-library is set up on an Open Source e-book management system - called Calibre  where we hosts all books in public domain.

The library boasts of a nice collection of almost all of Pratham's books in English and Marathi as well as a good range of international books.

Teachers can access  news and other information as soon as they come in -- having access to all the leading Indian and International dailies, London Review of Books, etc.

The power of digitisation!