Learning Expeditions

A space to question inequity and injustice.... a space for reflection ..to politicise..to transform, to analyse ... to work towards change and equity.

Tamarind Tree's learning expeditions are intense experiences of the mind and body that aim to transform the way people think and look at themselves and the society. Urban students as young as nine years learn to grow rice from seed to grain over a period of three months while graduate students question notions of patriarchy and caste.  For city kids, working with soil and seeing the transformation of a seed to a plant and finally to grain is a magical experience. The learning goes beyond dirtying their hands to question what is considered "knowledge" what is "backward" and how material wealth is not necessarily a sign of "richness".

Older students and activists visit the nearby communities and ponder questions of access to resources, tribal rights and aspirations and the complex issues of environmentalism. The learning expeditions aim to break the stereotypical ideas of tribals and their culture by encouraging open debate and discussions with the community.

Tamarind Tree hosts thematic learning expeditions based on the students areas of study/interest and age. Farming, politics of food, inequitable resources distribution, open source technology, education, tribal rights, environmentalism are some of the areas we cover.

Tamarind Tree works with institutions such as the Shishuvan School (Mumbai), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS, Mumbai), Nirmala Niketan (Mumbai),  Penn State University (Pennsylvania, USA), Eastern Washington University (USA) and St Louis University (USA) to design and develop programmes that are part of their curriculum.

Reflections from a student of Penn State in 2014

Prachi, a teacher from Shishuvan and Sahil share their learnings at Dahanu